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B.C.’s housing minister has released the names of 10 municipalities that will be required to hit yet-to-be-established targets on new home construction or risk having the province force through higher density. The cities include these that have welcomed densities such as Victoria and Vancouver and some resistant to change, such as Oak Bay and the District of North Vancouver

The cities include those that have welcomed some measure of density, such as Victoria and Vancouver, and those more historically resistant to it, such as Oak Bay and the District of North Vancouver.



The 10 municipalities are:
Delta, Kamloop
Port Mood
North Vancouver,

The Province has not yet set actual housing targets. Once released later this summer, they will include the number of units as well as the type, including townhomes, condo and single family homes.

Tri Cities has upped their Game with New Housing

While there is not a lot of space in Port Moody, it has made it on the B.C.’s governments list. New Development is popping up in the area, with re-zoning and development of older neighbourhoods. The much anticipated development of Coronation Park  in Port Moody, will add 2,587 new homes to the area. It will also have dedicated renal housing for seniors, and a rent-to-own program (47% family orientated housing.


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