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The B.C government is moving on its promise to speed up delivery of housing to those in need through its Homes for People plan, which includes measures to address zoning, speculation, and property flipping.

The province says the goal of the plan, unveiled Monday, is to provide British Columbians with supports to get them into homes that fit their needs.

Some of the plan includesan anti-flipping tax, which “discourag(es) short-term speculation”, as well as the long-awaited $400 renters rebate.

“If you’ve scrolled through rental listings or seen the prices of homes in your community, you know how tough it is to find an affordable, decent place to live,” said Premier David Eby, who notes the pace at which housing is being built is still not meeting demand.

If you have ever tried to do any renovations,  you know that zoning approvals and delays are a huge issue. The province says that it promises to increase small scale multi-unit housing such as townhomes and triplexes through zoning and regulation changes.  Somehow they will encourage faster housing construction and reduce development costs.

The housing plan also outlines forgivable loans to homeowners to build and rent secondary suites at below market rates; promises thousands of affordable homes; more builds near public transit; and changes — modernizing and streamlining — to permitting to keep costs down and speed up approvals.


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