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Langley Townhome Market


It’s no surprise that like 2020, this year has been a bit of a surprise for buyers and sellers. With the unknown of 2020 and buyers looking to move further from the city centre, we continue to see an upward pressure on prices.  Sellers are staying put and not wanting to sell their properties, and buyers are still trying to gauge the market, move locations as they get priced out of areas.


Langley has become another hot spot for buyers. Close to transit and parks, people can work from home and commute to the office when it is necessary. If they are lucky there is no need for communing.


So what is a Langley Townhome worth now?

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2017 Benchmark Price – $1,045,000.00

2021 Benchmark Price ( October 2021) – $860,153.00


To find all the new and up to date listings for Langley,

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