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Recent Amendments to BC Tenancy Legislation that can affect Buyers and Sellers

  The BC residential rental market has been a hot topic lately for a variety of reasons. With a lack of housing supply different business and social circles have voiced … [read more]

Looking for a Townhome? West Coquitlam might be what you are looking for.

It is no secret that West Coquitlam (aka. Burquitlam) has some townhomes that have popped up on every block. The “missing middle” is expanding  and price points are not as … [read more]

BC Government Announces New Housing Measures in 2024 Budget

BRITISH COLUMBIA NEW BUDGET IN 2024 ADDRESSES HOME FLIPPING AND PROPERTY TRANSFER TAX.   BC Home Flipping Tax As part of the Homes for People plan, and to discourage speculators from driving up … [read more]